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Mary Amaya @prettyskinbabe

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Mary Amaya

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UGC Creator

I’m a committed User Generated content creator who is passionate about all things beauty and lifestyle.

I have 5+ years of content creation experience and I make high quality ORGANIC & PAID content that converts clicks to sales through platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

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Mary Amaya @prettyskinbabe

Text Over Product video

Talking head Video

Creating a Video to Highlight a Trending Product.

Demonstrate the Product and Share Information through Conversation.

Unboxing video

Unwrapping a Product to Display its Aesthetics and Features.

ASMR Product demo

Utilizing ASMR to Captivate the Viewer's Attention to the Product.

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Mary Amaya @prettyskinbabe

script reading video

Transformation/ Before & After

Demonstrating the Product while Reading from the Brand-Approved Script.

Displaying the Transformation of a Product: Before and After Results

lifestyle/everyday video

Showcasing products or services in everyday life to engage users with relatability.

Product placement

Using the subtle nature of incorporating products/services into a video.

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Mary amaya @prettyskinbabe


Showcasing the Madden NYC Juniors Ultra Rise Utility Shorts on the Runway.

Highlighting the Cuisine of a New Local Eatery.

Showcasing the Product through a Pose.

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Mary Amaya @prettyskinbabe

Why UGC?

User Generated Content is the most cost effective way to drive traffic to a brand because it creates a sense of authenticity by fostering trust and credibility. UGC encourages engagement from the targeted audience and builds community, which provides a loyal customer base over time.

Why my content will drive sales

I can successfully help your targeted audience envision themselves using your products/services by creating content that will:

• Display relatability to establish a stronger connection .

• Showcase creativity to bring positive, vibrant attention to the brand’s image.

•Highlight the brand by using visual imagery to show the audience’s life before and after using the products/services.

•Show my unique perspective and stories to provide a fresh angle to UGC.

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Mary amaya @prettyskinbabe



Email: usoprettybae@gmail.com

Socials: @prettyskinbabe on Tiktok & Instagram

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Mary amaya


Thank you!